Panagia – The All-Holy

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Panagia – The All-Holy


The first fifteen days of August are set aside each year by the Holy Orthodox Church in order for the faithful to reflect on the need for all Christians to repent and to willingly accept God into their lives as did the Virgin Mary, The Mother of God.

The first 15 days of August gives us time to prepare for this special remembrance of the THEOTOKOS. It is a period of fasting and prayer. We are to take more time for prayer and we should come to the Paraklisis Services (Prayer Services) during the 15 day period. Hymns are sung and prayers offered for the health and well-being of our loved ones and ourselves, both spiritual and physical. Let us remember Panagia, who as a Mother under¬stands our needs and being compassionate, continues to pray for us to Her Son, Jesus Christ. AMEN!

The Feastday of our Church, KOIMISIS TIS THEOTOKOY, ASSUMPTION OF THE VIRGIN MARY, gives all of us the opportunity to make a special offering in honor of the THEOTOKOS, Mother of God, Virgin Mary. Please come to Church during the Panagia Fast (August 1-14), for the PARAKLISIS SERVICES (SALUTATIONS) AND FOR THE GREAT VESPERS OF THE KOIMISIS (ASSUMPTION). Divine Liturgy – August 15th. Please make your special offering (you may pick up an envelope at the Pangari (candle stand), or mark your check – for Assumption Feast. Thank you.

May our Lord Jesus Christ Bless you and your loved ones……and may the Panagia-Virgin Mary guide us all to her Son as our Mother Church welcomes and embraces all of us.

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